10ft table

I made this table for a family in Bath who had invited 14 people over for Christmas dinner at their new house, but didn't have a table that could seat anywher near that number. They came over to my workshop and we talked about what they were after, then I went to their house with some 10ft planks of wood which we placed on top of their existing table to get an idea of scale. Sometimes you just need to see what it might look like in the room it's going to live in! 

The tabletop is made from reclaimed scaffold boards, and has 10 soft close drawers with old cast iron handles which I had sent over from the US. The legs are made from old oak beams, with custom bolts made by the lady blacksmith in my village, and an 8' bespoke brace made by my friend Andy, who is a local welder.

Did I mention I took the first call at the beginning of December? I had three weeks to design and make and deliver this table, including persuading Andy the Welder and Hazel the blacksmith to squeeze in my order for parts, and not-very-patiently waiting for the US Postal Service. That's along with all my other Christmas orders, it's a pretty busy time for me!

It was delivered on December the 22nd and had to be assembled in thier kitchen as I couldn't get it out of my workshop, into my van or into their house in one piece.  The 10ft bench which goes with this table was delivered on December the 24th, which I followed up with some VERY last minute Christmas shopping! 

I've since been back to deliver a bespoke boot rack, and was happy to see one end of the table being used for dining, the other end kitted out as an office, and the bit in the middle being happily used for the kids to draw, paint and do their homework.  Just how a family table should be.
bench scaled