I’ve always been fascinated by wood. It’s a beautifully versatile material to work with, and every piece of timber is truly natural and individual - you never quite know what will emerge. I’m also keen to use sustainable, reclaimed materials .  Over the years I’ve made furniture from railway sleepers, warehouse racking and old beams – yet as my business has developed, demand for using new wood has also increased. Reclaimed isn't for everyone and I'm happy with that.

I started out as a design engineer, but designing bespoke items from natural materials has always been something I wanted to spend more time on. A few years back my father built his own house; as the project progressed, all the scaffolding that was no longer fit for use was thrown on the scrapheap. I took a plank or two and spent a bit of time sanding them down to see what was underneath. Scaffolding is usually made of pine, and years of exposure to heavy boots, wheelbarrows and the good old British weather give every plank a unique set of characteristics – it’s beautifully worn and well and truly used.

I used those planks to make a couple of long photo frames, which I filled with pictures charting the progression of the building project and gave to my dad as a gift.

I now design and make all kinds of things to order, including tables, benches, cabinets, picture frames, mirrors, clocks, notice boards and toys. There are lots of ideas around the site for inspiration, but really I'm happy to make whatever's on your mind, and if that means coming up with a few ingenious design solutions along the way, then that's fine by me.

Every item is constructed, sanded and oiled by hand; if you’re looking for that pristine, perfect finish you only get with machined and mass-produced wooden items, you’re probably in the wrong place. But if you’d like something unique, full of character and all the more beautiful for it, take a look at Troddenwood Products