I'll often get a call or email from someone who's seen a bespoke product I've made, and would quite like one for themselves. So my first job is finding out what's in their head, so I can go about turning it into a real piece of furniture. There may be a charge for the design phase (depending on how complicated your design is), but if you go ahead and order, I'll deduct this cost against your final invoice.

I don't have a rigid design process because everyone has a different starting point, but here's roughly how it tends to work out:

tv sketch




tv table 1 image 5




ben emma cabinet2

1. We talk about what it is you're after - if you're local to north Wiltshire, I'll come and see you so we can talk face to face, or you can pop over to my home workshop (my girlfriend makes really good biscuits).  If you have any pictures or drawings for inspiration, I'll ask you to send them over. 

2. I'll draw up a first CAD model which I'll email over to you. That gives us a starting point to work from, and will be accompanied by an approximate cost. 

3. We bounce the design changes back and forth through a series of CAD models, until you're happy it's the design you want, and I'm happy I can make it for you. We'll also talk about types of wood and finishes around this time finalise the cost too. 

4. Then we'll figure out timings - a combination of when you'd ideally like to have it and how long it will take me to make it. For higher value orders I normally ask for a 50% deposit. 

5. When I'm getting close to finishing your order we'll make arrangements for delivery and installation. 

6. I never ask for final payment until you are completely happy with what I've made for you. That's really important to me.  

I'm passionate about each thing I make, so if something isn't quite right as your furniture settles and ages and moves with the seasons, just let me know and we'll get it sorted out. 

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